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John LYLES was a native of Brunswick, Va. and the father of Colonel John LILES, Williamson Lyles and Ephraim Lyles, who pioneered Fairfield and other counties of South Carolina

Ephraim was an adventurous, kind, and loving father of eight children, one of whom was Arromanus (Colonel) Lyles, reputed to be the first of his noble race to have been born in the territory now known as Fairfield County, South Carolina. They are the ancestors of many distinguished leaders who have prominently served and defended our civilization and the State of South Carolina , the USA and Fairfield County. Many bravely sacrificed their lives fighting English and Federal imperialism and tyranny, a war not yet won (secession is a Constitutional right and the Federal occupation of SC is illegal).

From Mills' Statistics: The first settlement of Fairfield District took place about the year 1745. Colonel John Lyles and his brother, Ephraim, were among the first settlers. They located at the mouth of Beaver Creek, on Broad River. Ephraim Lyles was killed by Indians in his own house; but by a wonderful interposition of Providence, the Indians went off and left Lyles' seven or eight children and his wife in it, after killing a Negro on the outside. The Lyles were native of Brunswick, Va., but moved to this county from Buis (Bute?) County, N.C.

From: : The first Ulster settlement was in Donegal, PA ... Eventually, a ferry opened the Cumberland Valley to the Scots/Irish and it became their heartland.... For every Native American killed, 50 Irish settlers were either killed or kidnapped by Native Americans... The Scots/Irish moved down the Cumberland to VA and Carolina. From PA to SC, they dominated. In the Shenandoah Valley between the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains... During the 1740's, here lived the Lyles, the Lusks, the Trimbles, and the Houstons: (this does not mean that OUR Lyles ancestors ever lived in Pennsylvania).

Lyles / Liles / Lisle / Lyle Family Reunions

The first Lyles / Liles / Lisle / Lyle reunion was held on Friday, October 6th through Sunday, October 8, 2000; the second during the weekend of October 17, 2002; the third on October 8, 9, and 10, 2004, and the fourth on October 12, 13, and 14, 2007. More information is at Reun2007.htm . All these Lyles family reunions have been held during delightful Fall weather and at a beautiful location, the FEASTERVILLE FEMALE INSTITUTE BOARDING HOUSE in Fairfield County, South Carolina.

The location of the Ephraim/Arromanos cabin at Lyles ford may have been pinpointed, and we are trying to set up a working archaeological dig so that Friday attendees may help the archaeologists. If you think you might be a member of this family, please e-mail us your ADDRESS so we can notify you of family reunions, web site address changes, etc.

The above soil map of north-western Fairfield county, SC shows Henderson Island, on which our Lyles ancestors are said to have settled about 1745. Their cemetery is on a nearby hill that overlooks the magnificent Broad River.

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Ivy Hall, Home of Arromanus LYLES

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