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From : "Jim Wilson, gardengeezer" <> Nov 01, 2007 10:16 AM about the marriages of CYNTHIA LYLES

Hello! I have some solid and some speculative information about one Cynthia Lyles (Lisles?). It appears in the book "Slinkard, Wilson and Some Related Families,"1976, published privately by Doris Slinkard Wilson and me, James Wesley Wilson. We traveled to North Carolina, to the archives in Washington, DC, Salt Lake City,and to those in Jackson, Mississippi, in order to authenticate this information. I personally visted the grave of Cynthia Graves (no pun intended) in the Old Crystal Springs Cemetery in Copiah County, Mississippi. This Cynthia, after the death of her first husband, James A. Wilson (originally from North Carolina), married Jeremiah Graves in Copiah County and moved to Texas. After Jeremiah died, Cynthia moved back to Copiah County and is buried in the Wilson plot. Her first husband, James A. Wilson, is buried in Gallman, MS.

We found a NC record for a James A. Wilson, a member of the N.C.militia, who moved to Mississippi and, after fighting the Pensacola indians for three years, took up residence briefly near Meridian, MS, then moved to Copiah County. I have seen page 1 of book 1 of Copiah County land transactions and James A. purchased land there in 1823.

Unfortunately, I cannot find a record of a marriage between James A. Wilson and Cynthia Lyles. I don't know whether she was from the N.C. or S.C. Lyles clans. If I could, and it would be dated, we could continue to trace my Lyles and Wilson ancestors. My line ancestor is William Summerfield Wilson, a son of James A. Wilson. William S. was born in 1809, according to the family bible, so James A. and Cynthia Lyles would have been married some time prior to that date.

I am 82 years of age and have been involved all these years in trying to make solid connections for James A. and Cynthia Lyles Wilson. I hope that some of your clients can help me. By the way, my ex-wife, Doris Slinkard Wilson, was a California certified Genealogist. I am the Jim Wilson who hosted The Victory Garden on PBS from 1982 through 1993. Thanks for your service.

STEWART'S COMMENTS: Are any dates written on Cynthia Lyles tombstone? Have you checked newspapers and the marriage, baptismal, etc. records of any of the churches in which your ancestors worshiped?