Email Will LYLES forwarded to STEWART about his genealogical correspondence with:

  1. Catalina E. Liles
  2. Frances R. Liles

Date: Sat Aug 2 18:27:49 1997
From: (Will Lyles)
Subject: Liles Genealogy

To: (Timothy M Brott), (nancy l brown), (Melinda Crowder), ("d.d.vessell"), ("SILAS O. HUGHES, JR"), (Kirk), ("Frances R. Liles"), (Robert Lyles), ("Paul E. Phillips"), ("Victoria A. Pickrell"), (William Hamilton Stewart), (celia witt) ("Timothy R. Wright")

Hello to all. I thought I would forward this message to see if anyone can help.
Best Wishes
Will Lyles

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From: Catalina E. Liles, [105453,1460]
TO: Lyles, [72110,1017]
DATE: 7/28/97 12:01 PM

My name is Catalina Liles I am married to a man named Terry Liles and his dad was Roy Emmit Liles and Roy came from Texas but what I found it that Roys Father was William Thomas Liles and he was born in 1869 and his mother was Emma Barrett a Texas index has William born in LA and Emma in Alabama but we do not know much about the Liles there is some in Aspermont Texas but they will not tell us any thing. What i am wondering is if your line runs in to these Liles in Texas?
I would like to know more about the Liles.
I have heard that the Liles come from France and that there were two bothers to start with. But do not know if this is true . I am a genealogist and am working on all of ower genealogy.
I thank you for your time and please answer when you have time.
Catalina Liles

Date: Sat Feb 22 16:09:44 1997
From: 72110.1017@CompuServe.COM (Will Lyles)
Subject: LYLES

To: (nancy l brown), (Melinda Crowder),
73121.664@CompuServe.COM ("d.d.vessell"),
100744.1220@CompuServe.COM ("SILAS O. HUGHES, JR"),
103157.1323@CompuServe.COM ("Frances R. Liles"), ("Paul E. Phillips"), ("Victoria A. Pickrell"), (William Hamilton Stewart), ("Timothy R. Wright")

Hello all, I wanted to share this message from Frankie with everyone.
Best Wishes

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From: Frances R. Liles, 103157,1323
TO: Will Lyles, 72110,1017
DATE: 2/9/97 5:46 PM

Hi Will,
Thanks for all the Ward info. I'll check on it.
Here's some news to make you happy! You know Pelham Lyles Spong in Winsboro, SC, don't you? She's planning another Lyles/Liles reunion! I spoke to her yesterday, and she thinks she wants to plan for late fall this year or spring of 1998. She's trying to compile a list of names and addresses of all people who might be interested. If you can, would you please send her the names/addresses of all the researchers and other Liles'/Lyles' you know in the next month or so? I'll do the same, although it will take me some time, since I don't have all the people on my DBMS yet. Also, if you'd like to help in any other way, you can let her know. Didn't you go to the last reunion she had?

Pelham Lyles Spong
Route 5, Box 4020
Winnsboro, SC 29180

I told her I hoped she would have it after September, since my niece is getting married then, and I'll be very busy during the summer and until then.
Hope you all are fine.