WHS comments about Roeger's statements below are written in italics.

Roeger agrees with WHS' that William E. Traylor married Nancy B. Lyles.

Brannon's chart shows Nancy B. Lyles was a granddaughter of Rebecca Valentine (~1750 - ?) and Arromanus (Colonel) Lyles (1748 - 1817).

Does Roeger mean that Nancy B. Lyles had a brother named Thomas Valentine Lyles (? - 1860 in Alabama) who married William E. Traylor's sister Isabella Traylor?, or that a Nnncy (Valentine?) married a Willliam Traylor? Who was the Francis Traylor (1844 - ?) who lived with Thomas Valentine (Lyles?) and his wife Isabella Traylor (1822 - ?)?

On what source does Roeger base his confirmation that Barret was the maiden name of Nancy (about 1767 - Aug.10, 1829) who married William Woodward?

Roeger states that Thomas Woodward and Elizabeth Simpson were the parents of Thomas "the regulator" Woodward, who married Jemima Collins and fathered Reverend William Woodward, husband of Nancy Barrett.

Roeger states that Reverend William Woodward was the son of Thomas "the regulator" Woodward and Jemima Collins, and that Thomas "the regulator" Woodward was son of Thomas Woodward and Elizabeth Simpson.

I already suspected Thomas "the Regulator" Woodward was the father of Reverend William Woodward, because I was told Reverend William Woodward's daughter Mary Woodward (1788-?) was the first cousin of Mary Collins Woodward (? - 1855), who was the daughter of John Woodward, Sr. and the grand daughter of Thomas Woodward the Regulator.

Who were Capt. William Barrett Woodward (12/24/1818-10/4/1897) and his wife Eliza Pickett Woodward, and Edward Mobley Woodward and his wife Tillie, who are buried at Old Fellowship Presbyterian cemetery (where is it?) according to Molly McLaughlin's e-mail of 21 Jan 1999?

Were Capt. William Barrett Woodward and Nancy B. (Barrett?) Lyles (1812 -1895), granddaughter of Nancy Barrett (d. 10 August 1829 aged 62) and William "Preacher Billy" Woodward) related?

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It is great to finally find someone who is looking for the same line of Traylor's.

I have many pages on the Lyles and Woodward, but only a few lines on the Valentine and Traylors.

Isabella Traylor was born 1822. My great aunt had a paper that said she had two brothers. William E. TRAYLOR born 1817 and John Fields TRAYLOR born 1818.

While looking into the Lyles history I found a sister Nancy (to Thomas Valentine) who married a William Traylor.

I think William and Isabella were siblings who married Lyles siblings.

Can you help me on any of this. If I could get to her parents and a will.

Isabella married Thomas and they moved to Ala. in the 1840's. Thomas died about 1860.

On the 1860 census record of Fayette co., Ala is Isabella with her 6 children and FRANCIS TRAYLOR age 16 and B.S. of Va. Who is this FRANCIS ?? My records show that Mary Woodward married Arromanous Lyles. Mary was daughter of Rev. William Woodward and Nancy Barrett. William was son of Thomas Woodward, the regulator, married Jemima Collins. Thomas was son of Thomas Woodward and Elizabeth Simpson. I will write again, hope to hear from you.

Your friend, Rick Roeger