Fairfield County South Carolina History by Ederington

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A manuscript history published in the News and Herald, a newspaper of Winnsboro, S.C. in installments, on the dates as indicated with each installment herein.

The original newspapers file containing this history may be found in the South Carolina Library, Columbia, SC. At this time they are very fragile, and some parts of the papers are missing. So far as I know, the complete file does not exist elsewhere, and soon these will be too old to handle. If by typing and binding these records I have preserved for posterity data that might otherwise be lost to them, then I am amply rewarded.

Mrs. B. H. Rosson, Compiler, Richard Winn Chapter, D.A.R., Jenkinsville, S.C.

Mrs. A. H. Mabin, Chapter Genealogist,.F. D. Whitmire, S.C.

Mrs. G.D. Foxworth, State Genealogist, Marion, S. C.

Original copy owned by Mrs. B.H. Rosson and copied by W. T. Castles, Jr., New York, N.Y.

Willow Publishing Company, Post Office Box 284, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

This copy of The History of Fairfield County, South Carolina by Ederington was retyped for descendants of the early settlers of Fairfield County by Victoria A. Pickrell, 312 Docurt Hills, Pittsboro, NC in October, 1998, to reduce the number of pages and make the text easier to read. Several of her ancestors came from this area, and Ederington's articles have been of great value in doing her research. She hopes that this newer and more legible copy will be of help to others seeking information on their forebears.

The History of Fairfield County South Carolina
by William Ederington
INDEX (Click on Items, then SCROLL down) Page Complete?
Introduction 3 yes
Members of the State Senate 7 yes
Clerks of Court 7 yes
Ordinaries & Probate Judges 8 yes
(Federal) Army in the Rocky Mount Section 9 yes
David R. Evans - Richard Winn 11 yes
Revolutionary Soldiers, Lewis, Pickett, Gaither 13 yes
Sherman in Winnsboro 15 yes
The Lyles Family 17 yes
The Buchanans 21 yes
General John Buchanan 22 yes
Creighton Buchanan 24 yes
W. W. Boyce 25 yes
Feasters and Colemans 27 yes  
Feasters and Colemans, Inst. #2 and Part 3 31 yes
Ederington Family 38 yes
Various Fairfield Families 42


Some Prominent Fairfield Families 47 yes
The Woodward Family 51


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