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What does the CONFEDERATE FLAG symbolize?

The following may or may not express the opinion of other members of this family:

In order to divide and conquer, the racist owners of the ethnically monopolized mass media are inciting hatred against the Confederate flag (which honors CSA veterans and the name of their people), and have been demanding that it be removed from atop South Carolina's Statehouse, falsely arguing that our flag represents slavery and racism.

Why have they not also objected to the flag of the Federal Government, which sanctioned slavery (as does the Torah "Bible") over ten times longer than the Confederate States of America did?

Was ending slavery the purpose of the Federal government's military invasion of the Confederate States of America?

If so, was it hypocritical for the Federal government not to "free" 500,000 slaves in NON-Confederate states of the USA until years after its military conquest of the Confederacy?

Was the true cause of the Federal invasion of the Confederacy the same Federal Imperialism and minority special interests that continue to revolt the majority of its citizens today?

Many citizens of Confederate states hated slavery even more than their northern cousins, and for that reason emigrated from states that allowed slavery.

Did Southerners who had to compete with low cost slave labor feel as threatened by slavery then as many are today by the 1000% higher crime rates of federal government supported Negroes (are taxpayers now enslaved?) being born and immigrating into their neighborhoods (the cause of massive "white flight")?

Only a small percentage of non-Jewish citizens of Confederate states owned slaves.

Do the mulattos of our exploiters' multi ethnic empire have more slave owner ancestors than the non mulattos from which they are demanding reparations, welfare, "affirmative" action (federally mandated and enforced racism), and other privileges, etc. (even for Negro immigrants and those who have hardly any Negro blood)?

Negro and Indian slaves were legally owned by Negroes and Indians who were not slaves, so neither racism nor race determined who owned or was a slave in the United States of America, or in the Conferderacy.

The most beautiful flag I ever sawWe'll be ready next time, mama

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