I may be one sixteenth Cherokee, since my great great grandfather Tillet Porter, who lived, hunted, fished, and panned for gold along the Broad River about six miles south of the North Carolina state line, was probably half or more Cherokee.

Only anthropologists and others who recognize subtle racial distinctions perceive that some of my ancestors were not Scots, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings (Germanic and Celtic Indo-Hittites or Aryans).

No one may be able to identify who is and who is not racially mixed after many generations, so it is becoming more and more difficult for any South Carolinian who wants to avoid having mixed race children to do so. Almost all South Carolinians have some Indian ancestors.

Miscegenation is the inevitable consequence.of different races living in the same territory.

However private and inconsequential it may seem to the present generation, even one incidence of interracial reproduction may pollute the entire gene pool of both races forever.

I regret my Cherokee ancestors' conquest and dispossession by the savage government of the Christian Empire which invaded their homeland, and the miscegenation which did even more to destroy their precious genetic, linguistic, and cultural heritage.

I also regret the contrilbution of the only ancestor whom I know owned a Negro (Colonel Frederick Hambright, leader of the American forces which defeated Patrick Fergurson at the Battle of Kings Mountain) to the immigration into America of a race more genetically distant from my own ancestors than any other.

If the first ancestors of all the families from which I am descended had come to America six generations before me, not more than 126 of them would have lived in America, 112 of them possibly before the end of slavery in the Federal Empire.

The great Civilizations of my Indo-Hittite or Aryan miscegenation. (mostly Germanic Vikings, Scots mixed with Celts) ancestors created in the Anglo-Saxons and Fertile Cresent and southern ago did not collapse to their present relative status Europe millennia until many cent