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The Plight of our Civilization

Humanity is our Civilization's greatest resource.

I want every person of every family of every clan of every branch of every ethnic nation of every race of humanity to know about and to be perfectly proud of her or his self, identity and ancestry, and of whatever family, clan, ethnic nation, or race into which he or she was born, no matter how shameful anyone else considers any of these to be. My GOD chose no race to be above all others.

Why do so few non scientists agree that the behavior and intelligence of humans, like every other animal, is as much determined by our ancestry, genes and instincts as any other factor?

Unless we make the preservation of human diversity, bloodlines and races one of our top priorities, will our society continue its rapid transformation into savagery (not that I hate, blame or condemn savages, who only do what their god and instincts call them to do).

Does miscegenation adversely affect the future of humanity by destroying its diversity and hundreds of thousands of years of precious human evolution and speciation, etc.?

Why are people of our ancestry rapidly becoming a minority?

Because of the deliberate policies of our rulers?

Why do so many women of our own race not want to have children? Those that do usually want only one or two.

The Nigerian Negress who recently gave birth to eight said she wanted all the children with which God would bless her.

Her attitude seems typical of most Negro women, whether or not they have husbands.

I think I read that, at the present rate, in 200 years mulattos alone would replace our race, but they have competition: the birth rate of mestizos is even higher than that of Negroes, so before our children die, they will be a minority, and live in a society more like those of Latin America and Negro Africa, with their far higher crime rates and far lower levels of security and prosperity, than those of our northern European ancestors. Why is our civilization dying?.

Why are we not having enough children to replace our population?

Is the propaganda we are exposed to by the mass broadcast media related to the self destructive behavior, self hatred, low fertility, etc. of our race?

Why do the owners of the mass broadcast media monopoly focus so exclusively on incriminating, demonizing, dehumanizing, etc. people of our ancestry?

Our race has a far lower crime rate than portrayed by the broadcast media. Other races are depicted as having far lower crime rates than they actually have. How do the owners of the media justify effectively lying to us about our own race? They claim they are trying to stop us from negatively stereotyping the mulatto and other officially defined and chosen minorities. So our civilized race, with one tenth the crime rate of the Negro race, is depicted as ten times more violent, evil, savage, criminal, etc. than any other race. If our race were that criminal, would we want to reproduce ourselves?

Actresses of our race are assigned the roles of criminals, prostitutes, seducers of Negro men, and other attributes uncharacteristic of the women of our race.

Our men play the bad guys even though they are in fact more often the good guys in real life.

The media portrays Negro men as heros and protectors of our women, although Negro men rape many thousands of women of our race every year (compared to the less than ten rapes - labelled "hate" crimes - of Negresses by lunatics of our own race each year), according to Federal statistics about how various crimes are related to race (statistics now banned by the Federal government).

The owners of the media depict mulattos, etc. as being great scientists, saints, heros, etc.far more often than they actually are.

Why are the owners of the media lying about and inciting hysterical hatred against our own northern European ethnicity and Civilization, but never against their own most savage ethnic group? The ethnic minority to which almost all the owners of the media belong are rarely depicted as anythiing but saintly victims of our race, and all but a few of us are more convinced that is true than we are of anything else.

The owners of our media are conditioning our race to believe the opposite of what is true, that we are the savages, etc.

Why do the owners of the media almost invariably depict our race as the most criminal and savage of all races, even though it has been the most compassionate, noble, trustworthy, least criminal and least savage of all races on earth?

If our race were uncivilized, could we and our ancestors have maintained the world's most secure, democratic, prosperous, technologically and scientifically advanced civilization ever since our Hamitic ancestors began civilization in the Fertile Crescent many millennia ago?

Why do almost all our social institutions have the same hypocritical, bigoted, racist, anti nationalist (except for Israelites), anti family, anti self defense, anti Aryan (but pro Negro, pro Jewish, and pro Israel), pro promiscuity, pro pornography, pro drug, pro miscegenation, pro criminal, pro charity, pro welfare, pro communist, pro big government, etc. agendas?

The owners and leaders of the media and other major institutions tolerate no real dissent, and have successfully indoctrinated almost all of us, and especially our intellectually defenseless children..

Few of us are aware of our plight, even though we are incessantly bombarded with almost identical themes, irrational and blatant lies, etc., from every source of mass broadcast information, ad nauseam.

Preachers and politicians usually tell us what we are willing to pay them to tell us, but not always, since only those who betray our interests seem to survive very long (Deuteronomy 7.24).

Many of us have become ashamed of, and apologists for, our ethnic identity, and totally ignorant of our ancestry, which is the best basis for our understanding of our history and Civilization.

In the name of "charity", which seems most instinctive amongst our own ethnic group (whether wretchedly poor or rich), our most compassionate of all races eagerly surrenders its precious and unique civilization, all its last and only homelands, and even its hard earned dollars, etc. to the hands of our highly organized and militant exploiters, their ethnic allies, and those of us who naively or treacherously collaborate with them, in order that they may better promote the welfare and reproduction of the savages who have for so long and increasingly been preying upon us, and who are destroying our civilization as quickly as our ignorance allows (Deuteronomy 7.24).

Many of us naively believe that we have the right to freedom of expression, but almost invariably pounce upon and protect our children from hearing anyone who dares state the unfashionable truth above, which is so rarely heard that it seems heretical, and do our best to censor, punish and martyr the truth teller before he has been well heard, or we passively allow others to do so, lest they jeopardize our ignorance.

Is keeping you from hearing the truth (thoughts like mine) the real motive of those who demand the WORLD WIDE censorship of Internet on the grounds that pornographers and other vague categories of "hateful" people use it?

Some of us naively believe that we are democratically governed,

Most of us hysterically consider anyone who dares disclose the identity of the owners of the mass media to be nutty, evil, and extremely dangerous both to ourselves and society, and absolutely injurious to the reputations of whomever dares associate with him in any way, not because we know or have heard him speak, but because the owners of the media monopoly constantly warn us about and demonize anyone who opposes their exploitation of our race, and any political opinions which are contrary to their own.

The owners of our mass broadcast media have inoculated most of us against the truth, and against anyone willing to sacrifice his life and interests by disclosing to us the essence of our plight.

Any organism which does not know its own identity will die quickly because it can not defend itself against infections by common viruses, parasites, and other diseases (no matter how much "Christian" love their innocent victims may have for them). The same applies to ethnic groups.

Most members of our ethnic group have turned their backs on our enemies, and seem powerless to defend themselves against inculcation by our alien owned media ("..the word was God" - John 1.1) monopoly, which includes churches and almost all other established institutions.

The most beautiful flag I ever saw

Never surrender

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