Ephraim LYLES Private Family Photograph Album

The beautiful photographs linked to from this web page are posted at this web site for the enjoyment of Ephraim Lyles' descendants, in order to help promote and preserve their distinct identity, unity, solidarity, welfare, bonding, loyalty, pride, contact, cooperation, collaboration, interests, survival, perpetuation and knowledge of each other and their fine and noble family.

Photographs linked to from this web page are the copyrighted private property of the contributors. Please never betray their trust: protect their privacy by not downloading, printing out or otherwise reproducing any photograph accessed via this web page without the written permission of the contributors or subjects of these photographs.

To reduce the possibility of unauthorized access to this private web page, inform ONLY loyal citizens of the Ephraim Lyles family of its Internet address, and do not create links to this webpage from other web sites, please.

Although Search Engines are powerful enough to find ANY information published on Internet, it is unlikely that anyone who has not been informed of the exact Internet address of this webpage by descendants of Ephraim Lyles will ever visit it.

Photographs for this website may be attached to email sent to , and removed from this website by emailing The more kilobytes an image is, the longer transmission to viewers' browsers (uploading) requires.

From Mrs. Victoria Melinda Brannon-Austin Totten Pickrell 31 December, 1998: ". . a (80 kilobytes) photo of my oldest and youngest daughters taken at a dinner at the Governor's Club here. The oldest is the blonde, Johnna Victoria Totten Forrester, and the other is Victoria Isabel Totten Thomas (genealogist type names here). My first husband was John Albert Totten."

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